City Services

Chisago City is proud to offer many services for our residents and businesses.  Find contacts and answers to your questions via the links below.  A Staff Directory is available on our website too and you can Report A Concern using our online form.


Responsible for the day to day operations of the city, including elections, permit & license issuance, utility billing, etc.

  Animal Control

The Lakes Area Police Department provides animal control services.  A pet license is required for dogs and cats.

  DMV License Bureau

Chisago City offers DMV services within city limits, including driver's license renewals, motor vehicle registrations, title transfers, boat licenses, and more!

  Fire Protection

Chisago City Fire Protection is provided by the Chisago City Fire Department.

  Police Protection

Chisago City police protection is provided by Lakes Area Police Department.

  Recycling & Waste

One hauler performs refuse and recycling collection for the entire city.  Residents can bring hazardous waste and yard waste to collection sites for recycling.

  Streets & Utilities

Responsible for maintenance of municipal facilities, equipment, and associated infrastructure; including streets, sidewalks, parks, public buildings, traffic signals and city-owned vehicles and equipment.  Also, responsible for the city's water and sewer system.