Animal Control

The Lakes Area Police Department performs animal control services relating to dogs and cats.  Residents experiencing problems with non-domesticated animals such as rodents should call a pest control company for removal of the nuisance.

 Does my pet need to be licensed?

All dogs and cats owned or kept within Chisago City must be licensed, except for a few exemptions.  The license year runs from January - December and a license form is available under our Permits & Forms section of this website.  The cost is $10 for the first year and then a $5/year renewal.  Applicants must supply a certificate of rabies vaccination.  Apply for your pet license at Chisago City Hall.

 Why do I need a pet license?

Licensing ensures that pets have the proper vaccinations.  Pets with license tags also have a higher chance of being returned to their owners when lost rather than being impounded. 

 Who can I call if my pet is lost?

Call the Northwoods Humane Society at 651-982-0240 to inquire about a lost pet that may have been picked up