LAPD squad car

Police Protection

The Lakes Area Police Department serves the cities of Chisago City, Lindstrom and the Chisago Lakes School District.  They are a growing department dedicated to their communities.  You can find FAQs and other resources on their website.  The police headquarters is located in Lindstrom.

 How do I report a crime?

Call the Police Department at 651-257-4100, which is the Chisago County Dispatchers office. The dispatcher will contact the on-duty officer by radio. In an emergency, please dial 911.  

 When should I call 911?

Dial 911 only when appropriate. In non-emergency situations 911 should not be dialed. An emergency would consist of a life threatening situation or a possible life threatening situation such as an assault (fight), a domestic situation that is either verbally or physically threatening, robbery, missing child, fire, crime in progress, serious injury, vehicle crashes, bad driving conduct or an emergency medical situation (such as choking, heart attack, unconsciousness, overdose, suicide attempt, etc.).

A non-emergency report would be more service oriented such as property damage accidents, lost animals, found or lost property, parking complaints or general animal complaints to name a few.

 What is the curfew for minors?

16 & Under:  10 PM - 5 AM

Daily during these hours, minors shall not loiter, idle or be in or upon the public streets, highways, parks, playgrounds or other public grounds, public places, places of entertainment, or refreshment or any other unsupervised place within Chisago City, unless said minor is on their way home or at a designated school function.

 Am I required to display an address number on my home?

Yes.  Have you ever driven down a street at night looking for a specific address and have not been able to find it?  In the case of an emergency situation, the extra time involved trying to find a home or business could be life threatening.  In order to avoid this situation, Chisago City ordinance Chapter 60 requires address numerals that can easily be seen during the hours of darkness.  Chisago City’s Municipal Code specifies numbers and letters that are 3 ½ inches in height.

 Does Chisago City require pet licenses?

Chisago City Ordinance Chapter 151 requires that all dogs owned and/or kept within the City of Chisago City shall be licensed, with the following exceptions:


  1. Dogs under the age of six (6) months.
  2. Dogs whose owners are temporarily in the city for a period of time not exceeding thirty (30) days.
  3. Dogs that are brought into the city for the purpose of performance, an animal show, circus, or similar appearance.
  4. Service animals properly trained to assist disabled or handicapped persons.

Costs for dog licenses are $10 initially, and $5 yearly renewals.  Proof a current rabies vaccination is also required.

 I lost my pet, or found someone else's pet

The Lakes Area Police Department is the animal control authority for Chisago City.  If you have found a pet, or lost a pet, call 651-257-4100.   They have access to pet license records, and have a contract with Northwoods Humane Society for boarding of found animals.