Comprehensive Plan Update

Chisago City is partnering with Bolton and Menk, Inc. to update the Comprehensive Plan. The current plan was completed in 2006 and much has changed since then.  The update to the Comprehensive Plan will help guide the city with future land use and investment decisions.  The plan will serve as the platform to develop tools, such as zoning and subdivision ordinances.

The Comprehensive Plan establishes the city’s goals and long-term objectives and helps the city with public and private investments in land use, housing, utilities, transportation, economic development, and other facilities.

 The Comprehensive Plan will consist of:

  • The Community (Demographics and Data Analysis)

  • Community Vision and Goals

  • Land Use and Growth

  • Housing and Neighborhoods

  • Economic Development

  • Natural Resources

  • Transportation

  • Public Utilities

  • Parks, Trails and Open Space

  • Implementation Plan

Community engagement is an important component to the Comprehensive Plan.  You can find a draft copy of the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map below.  The City Council, EDA, and Commissioners are reviewing the draft and will schedule a public hearing to give the public the opportunity to see the updates and give feedback.  Residents are welcome to provide input on the Comprehensive Plan draft. 

If you have questions about the Comprehensive Plan, please feel free to contact City Administrator John Pechman.